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Marching for More Memories

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Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold: to raise awareness about the early detection of cancer in pets and to support pets and people in need so we may help prevent and treat this devastating disease. With your generous contribution, we can make a significant impact on the lives of our countless best friends and their families.


Moose’s Story

My mom rescued me from Paws Humane Society during the BISSELL Pet Foundation event after my brothers and I were picked up by Columbus Animal Care & Control Center from a really really bad house. I don’t know much about it because I was chained outside for a long time with no food or water,  but remember I was really scared and hungry.


I was an underdog and a hot mess. Heartworm positive, ribs protruding, legs that were splayed and paws that were cattywampus, but one look from my mom and her heart melted and so did mine.


The people also cut off my ears in a “battlecrop” to make me look mean and to make sure my ears wouldn’t be damaged in a fight. Since I was the runt, I got picked on because I wasn’t a fighter or mean, and just wanted to be loved.  I was also heartworm positive and didn’t feel that good, which made it even worse. I was my mom’s birthday present, (best gift ever!) and I stayed through the weekend, and I never left. She was my heart, my glue and I never left her side. (we Pitbulls are loyal that way)


I started not feeling good and my mom noticed all kinds of lumps on my neck, the back of my legs and my tummy. She took me to a bunch of doctors, including  Auburn University, but sadly it was too late. We talked about it a lot, and my mom cried for days and weeks and held me tight. I knew I didn’t feel good, but when she started to cry, I knew I needed to be the strong one, I mean I am a Pitbull! All my friends came by to see me and even though I didn’t feel good, I knew it was important for them.


Finally, I knew it was time, I had to let go of my mom and she had to let go of me.


I crossed the Rainbow Bridge and now I am playing with all kinds of dogs. There are only rainbows, treats and blue skies. I miss my mom terribly, but here there is no pain, sadness, or suffering.



Love, Moose 

Our 2023 Giving Tuesday Match is On!!

Your gift by November 30th Doubles!!

Through anonymous donors, Moose's March has received a generous gift of $31,000. Your gift by November 30th Doubles!!!

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How You Can Help

Moose's March raises awareness about the early detection of cancer in pets, supporting pets and people in need so we may help prevent and treat this devastating disease. We work with shelters across the country, providing testing for early detection of pet cancer, and providing support directly to those who can least afford care. 


Your support is crucial in making a difference in the lives of pets battling cancer. Here's how you can contribute: