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At Moose’s March you will have all the support you need for a successful corporate partnership. We develop and implement strategies to address your goals and objectives and implement creative ideas and programs that support your company.



“We are the only NFP concentrating exclusively on the early identification of pet cancer.

We’re uniquely positioned in the market.”


In the landscape of non-profit organizations dedicated to addressing pet cancer, Moose’s March stands out for its unique focus on saving lives through early detection. While there are numerous entities working towards cancer treatment and support for affected pets, Moose’s March differentiates itself by concentrating exclusively on the early identification of the disease. This specialized approach positions us as a leader in this niche area, providing a distinct market advantage.


A Lifesaving Opportunity


Moose’s March is seeking partners and sponsors to assist in amplifying our mission for the early detection of pet cancer.

Our commitment to this cause also presents appealing sponsorship opportunities for partners interested in aligning with a pioneering and targeted mission, one that emphasizes preventative care and early intervention in pet cancer.

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Our Sponsors


How our Supporters and Sponsors Help

The Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test is meant to be used only on healthy dogs during their wellness exams. The Volition Veterinary team is working with Moose's March on offering a free test (via voucher) to pet owners who have adopted their dogs from shelters – when they bring that adopted pet to a veterinary office for their wellness exam. Hopefully, over time, this will provide some valuable data points on the predisposition of sheltered dogs to cancer.

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