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Meet The Team

Our Passionate Team Dedicated to Helping Animals


About our Founder

My name is Tricia Montgomery

Tricia Montgomery is the visionary behind Moose's March, a 501c3 organization dedicated to making early detection of pet cancer accessible to everyone regardless of gender, race or income level.

A senior executive with over 25 years' experience in animal welfare and pet industry, she has the skills necessary to bring leadership, program development and visibility that will generate growth and resources for her mission.

With expertise in proactive strategic leadership, global research & market trends, fundraising and corporate social responsibility as well as public speaking & media relations – plus an innate ability to influence stakeholders – Tricia drives her mission of "Marching for More Memories" towards success.

She is committed to creating a future where early detection of pet cancer leads toward better outcomes for all animals – achieving lasting impact through excellence in leading initiatives with vision and innovation.

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Moose Profile With Tricia

Board Members

We hope Moose’s story has inspired you to help save pets’ lives.

Please help us by donating and joining our like-minded Pet Family.

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